Site organization improvements

So, there are some site improvements.  :)

  • I’ve moved the various pages around into a heirarchy, to make the site easier to navigate.
  • I’ve separated the suggestions page into several pages, to keep the different topics from drowning one another out.
  • I’ve slightly improved our tiny Conway biography.  I do need to write something more; Conway deserves better treatment than those few sparse sentences.
  • The site menu now cascades to sub-pages, which will be important once the patterns and alt-rule lists start getting fleshed out.
  • Minor SEO improvements.
  • I’ve put our Facebook Conway Page and our Twitter Conway Feed into the sidebar link list, to make them easier to find.

This turns out to be a pretty fun site to set up.  :)

App Improvements

We’ve made some improvements!

  • We’ve added support for pre-defined patterns, and added a bunch of patterns to get the application off on the right foot.
  • We’ve streamlined the loader.  No more logo screen, no more menu, just right to the grid.
  • The evaluator has been sped up by more than 100%.
  • We’ve improved the interface.   It does more, and takes up less space.
  • Cells are now colored by their age.  This makes some neat looking patterns.

Integrated twitter

I’ve integrated a twitter account with the blog.  Hopefully that keeps content at least marginally fresh.  :)

Getting started :D

After holding this domain for several years, I’ve finally remembered that I contracted out a flash game here and forgot about both the game and the domain.  Fixing that now.  :)